Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Mike and I had a very Merry Christmas at home in Utah.
We were not able to stay very long but we had a wonderful time.

This is us with the "belly" on Christmas Morning.

My parents and sister

The Tree
(It was a real tree, smelled so good!)

My Mom even made Charlie a stocking.
His was stuffed plum full. So was mine ;)

We got a lot of things for our little man.
This one in the picture is a onesie that says
Diaper loading 78%
We all spent Christmas Eve at Mike's parent's house but we forgot our camera :(
As usual they made a delicious Italian feast. So nice to have everyone home for the holidays. Mike's sister and her family even made the long trek.

It is strange to think that the next time we go back home we will have our son with us. It should make traveling just a little more interesting. We can't wait to come back! Thank you to our families for all their love and support.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

10 Days and Counting

Mike and I are super excited to be heading to Utah for the holidays. It is going to be JAM packed into 5 days. We can't wait to see our families and friends. We had our latest Dr. appointment last Tuesday and all is well. Charlie's heartbeat was about 140 beats per min and my appointments are now going to be every 2 weeks and in late January we will go in every week. I guess that means I had better wrap my head around actually having this baby! It is a bit overwhelming to think about. Guess we had better sign up for those childbirth classes eh! Hope you all have a Happy Holiday!

This is us in front of the "Lobsta" traps that they decorated in the shape of a Christmas tree.
Cape Cod, Mass.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Homemade Raviolis

My husband loves to cook and I love that he loves it. One area he has been perfecting recently is making homemade pasta. We have a Kitchen-aid with a pasta attachment. It really has not been used all that much, until November came around. It started with me saying mmmm.... butternut squash raviolis sound really good. So he made them. They were delicious. Then he came up with the idea to do a roasted cubanelle pepper stuffing with mozzarella. It is quite a process but each time he is getting quicker and quicker. He also made a homemade marinara to go with the raviolis. I am one lucky girl.


Finished Product

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A View of what is to come?

Isn't this just the funniest picture! Mike's co-worker created it for him.
(I think they were a little bored working on a show one day!)
We will see if little baby Charlie comes out looking just like his daddy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pop :)

Sept. Oct.

It is growing :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


My husband got this book for Christmas last year. It is all about a little baby hippo and his "beebo" or belly button. When his sister was pregnant with our nephew he thought that her belly button was so funny. Well now my belly button is starting to "pop". It is pretty sensitive so when Mike comes up to me saying beeeeeboooo I quickly turn the other way. I showed him how it is starting to look flatter his comment was it looks like it is unwinding. I thought that was a funny way of looking at it.

On a side note I had a Dr. appointment last Tuesday all is well, I listened to his heartbeat and it was about 130 beats per min. We chatted about the flu shots and heartburn. I decided to go ahead and get the flu shot and H1N1 flu shot, I really had a hard time making that decision but the Dr. recommends it and being a teacher I am at a greater risk of catching those viruses from the little kindergartners. Oh what fun.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's A.............................................


Today we found out that our little blueberry is a boy. We are thrilled. We both thought it would be a boy and it was nice to have our suspicion's correct. This is the picture of his little boy parts. Mike calls it "Frank and Beans" he is so silly.

We already have a name picked out. He will be Charles Michael with the nickname Charlie. When my sister was born I really wanted her to be a boy and name him Charlie. When it came time to think of boy names Mike suggested we use Charlie. Of course I love it and he loves it too.

Charlie is very active. I feel him move all the time. The Doctor was having a hard time getting all the pictures they needed because he was so busy rolling, twisting, and turning. They even had me rolling onto my side to try and get the pictures. It is amazing what you see. We saw the chambers of the heart, spine, belly, kidneys, brain, legs, arms, bladder, stomach and all the important parts.

We had a wonderful day. I walked away saying boy oh boy quite often.

Second Trimester Pictures


Foot :) Mike says he has Long toes

Getting the thumbs up already!


Baby Boy

Here are the pics from our second trimester screening.
What a great day. Can't wait to meet our little one.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2 Days :)

Only 2 days until we find out what has been rumbling around in my tummy. We are so excited to find out..... Hopefully the baby will cooperate and we will know for sure if it is a boy or girl.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Scared Baby

I have been having the craziest dreams lately! Well last night I had one where something jumped out of no where and scared me. I sat up in bed rather quickly took a deep sigh and woke up. Well I must have sat up so quickly that it startled the baby. Next thing I know I can feel the baby jumbling all around in there. Poor little thing..... not even here yet and already scared. Oooops...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lemon, Orange, Avocado

Little baby L'Etoile is now the size of an avocado.
I am wondering if those little flutters in my tummy could be the baby.....
It is hard to tell. I guess I will know for sure in a few more weeks.
Our next Dr. appointment is on Tuesday. I hope we will get some updated ultrasound pics.

I think that the little avocado was very happy today. We went to the Big E which is the Eastern States Exposition or state fair. I had nachos, frozen lemonade, cheese on a stick and jerky (msg free!). I think that the Dr. will tell me that I have gained too much this week :)
But it was worth it!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have found that since becoming pregnant I do crave certain types of foods. Lately it has been the huge super pretzels. I love to dip them in mustard. This picture was at Mikes company picnic. I was Super excited when I saw the pretzels. Other foods that are at the top of my list are limes, chicken noodle soup, cold sliced raw bell peppers, cheerios, and sour patch kids. Don't worry I don't like them all mixed up!

One thing I haven't really craved is ice cream! What is wrong with me.... Normally I eat a ton of ice cream, but lately it just hasn't sounded good. Another weird item that I have been thinking about is BACON! I don't eat bacon but when I see it on T.V. I think that I want it. Then I think Ewww..... Crazy messages my body is sending me.

Mike has been a very attentive husband and when I say "that sounds good" he is almost always on board to make it happen. One morning I went to go have a bowl of cream of wheat (another item I crave) and he said "how about waffles!" (He loves waffles) so I made him waffles and I had cream of wheat.... we were both very happy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Baby Dance

Today was our first trimester screening at the hospital. Our second ultrasound. This is "Blueberry's" first ultrasound picture. About 8 1/2 weeks. "Blueberry" was very still and did not move around much. We were able to hear the heartbeat it was about 169 beats per min.
Today's ultrasound was much more interesting. Talk about active! We are just about 13 weeks now. When the Dr. first put the wand over the baby it was doing a headstand. It must like that position because it kept going back to it! You can see the headstand in the 2nd picture below.
It was so amazing to see it's little heartbeat flashing. This time it was about 157 beats per min. The Dr. said that everything looks perfect. On October 9th we get to find out if our little blueberry is a boy or a girl! Can't wait!
This is one amazing time in our life! My favorite part about today was looking over at Mike, his eyes glued to the screen and his mouth agape.... I am sure I looked the same way!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Details

Well we made the official announcment on Facebook a week or two ago but I will post the details here as well :)

We are due March 8, 2010
We are so excited!
Everything has been going very well.
Next ultrasound is this Friday :)

On a side note Mike has this I-Phone pregnancy tracker that tells us the size, what developments it has made, and what I can expect to be feeling for that particular week.
So far the sizes of the baby have said:
1. Blueberry
2. Grape
3. Fig
4. Prune
5. Plum
I am so glad I dont have to call it a prune anymore... just doesn't sound right. Blueberry thus far has been my favorite nickname.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

11 Weeks and Counting

Well we are now 11 weeks along. I feel great. I have been very lucky based on what some people have told me. No morning sickness at all! I usually just feel tired. I find myself sleeping about 9 hours every night. I have had so many doctor appointments it is crazy. I guess it is all necessary. All my blood work has come back normal. In my next post I hope to start putting up some pics of the ultrasounds and document the growing belly :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sunday, June 21, 2009


This Weekend we went to Long Island to see our new neices
They are amazing!

This is Emi

And here is Katie

Two Cute!

Mike with the "deuce"
We can't wait to see them grow!

More Pics and Video coming soon! :)
Congrats Nat, Tim and big brother T.J

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cute Boy

Our nephew is getting so big. He is walking a bit and talking a lot! We can't wait to meet our new nieces. They should be here late next month. What an exciting time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Girl

Hi Everyone! Sorry it has been SO long. I have been a very busy girl. Mike and I had a great trip to Las Vegas in April. We also have been spending quite a few weekends with Mike's sister Nataile and her family. And finally... work! Here are some pics from our adventures :)

Mike Lookin like Elvis in Vegas

Mike and his friend Chris

Hiking at Kolob Canyons in Zion

We met up with my parents in Cedar City

Us at the Hoover Dam in Las Vegas

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Husband

Well just about a week ago Mike Finally got his NEW CAR!

He got a Scion XB.

He has never had a new car and
I know he is so
exited that it is here.

Love you Hubbins!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Hi Everyone! I know I suck at blogging but I do have a few in the works. This is short and sweet. So many of you have young kiddos at home I thought you would like this blog. A friend from work showed it to me and I thought it would be perfect for you stay at home Mom's :)
Check it out!

:) Virginia

Friday, January 30, 2009

I am ready to Ski Utah!

I can't wait for my week off in February. Look out UT. here I come!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

February Love :)

A little love to bring in Feb!

We love love love our nephew T.J.!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holidays were great!

We had a fabulous Christmas and New Year. Mike's Family came in from Utah and New York. We all squished into our little two bedroom apartment, it was very cozy. We really didn't go anywhere just sat around watched movies and most importantly played with our nephew T.J. He is now a year old and still the cutest little boy ever. It was fun to watch him open up gifts, stare at the paper and then really get into the toys. Mike and I wanted to get him something special for his 1st birthday/Christmas gift so we bought him a toy chest at a local craft store. Mike stained it and we put the word toys on the front with a few decorations. We hope that he will make many memories of his special chest from his Uncle and Aunt. What a great holiday. We can't wait for next year, we are planning to be in Utah next Christmas. Mike's sister is also hoping to go to Utah but it might be a little tricky because she now pregnant, due in early July with TWINS! We are thrilled to be an Aunt & Uncle to 3. More kids to spoil! We know that this year will be one to remember. Hope you all had a happy holiday and a great start to 2009.