Friday, August 28, 2009

The Baby Dance

Today was our first trimester screening at the hospital. Our second ultrasound. This is "Blueberry's" first ultrasound picture. About 8 1/2 weeks. "Blueberry" was very still and did not move around much. We were able to hear the heartbeat it was about 169 beats per min.
Today's ultrasound was much more interesting. Talk about active! We are just about 13 weeks now. When the Dr. first put the wand over the baby it was doing a headstand. It must like that position because it kept going back to it! You can see the headstand in the 2nd picture below.
It was so amazing to see it's little heartbeat flashing. This time it was about 157 beats per min. The Dr. said that everything looks perfect. On October 9th we get to find out if our little blueberry is a boy or a girl! Can't wait!
This is one amazing time in our life! My favorite part about today was looking over at Mike, his eyes glued to the screen and his mouth agape.... I am sure I looked the same way!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Details

Well we made the official announcment on Facebook a week or two ago but I will post the details here as well :)

We are due March 8, 2010
We are so excited!
Everything has been going very well.
Next ultrasound is this Friday :)

On a side note Mike has this I-Phone pregnancy tracker that tells us the size, what developments it has made, and what I can expect to be feeling for that particular week.
So far the sizes of the baby have said:
1. Blueberry
2. Grape
3. Fig
4. Prune
5. Plum
I am so glad I dont have to call it a prune anymore... just doesn't sound right. Blueberry thus far has been my favorite nickname.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

11 Weeks and Counting

Well we are now 11 weeks along. I feel great. I have been very lucky based on what some people have told me. No morning sickness at all! I usually just feel tired. I find myself sleeping about 9 hours every night. I have had so many doctor appointments it is crazy. I guess it is all necessary. All my blood work has come back normal. In my next post I hope to start putting up some pics of the ultrasounds and document the growing belly :)