Monday, July 7, 2008

American Weekend

Mike and I had a great 4th of July weekend. He had to work both days but got off around 4 each day. On Friday we went to one of Mike's co-workers place. She was having a BBQ celebrating the 4th and her new citizenship! It was very low-key, no fireworks just good food & people. I made a strawberry/blueberry shortcake. It think it came out pretty cute!

Later that night we drove to a spot to watch some fireworks, it was okay but there were so many people and a chain link fence that we had to look through to see the fireworks.

Saturday was a much better day. It was rainy all day and that had me worried because I had planned for us to go to the symphony. The Hartford Symphony was playing at an outdoor amphitheater, all "Americana" songs.

When we got there the drizzle had just stopped and it was very enjoyable. We brought our own chairs, and had a picnic. (Thanks Aub for the picnic basket! We love it!) The music was beautiful, the surroundings were relaxing. The concert ended with fireworks, it was a great day. I highly recommend going to the Talcott music festival if you live around here. In a few weeks they will be having a concert with all Beatles songs. I really want to go but that is when we will be in UT.

Hope you all had a great celebration of the 4th of July!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


My Friend Emily Tagged me to take pics of these things.
You all know how good I am at blogging! This was an easy one!

1. Laundry

2. Favorite Room- Our living room/Dining Room,
apartment living is great!

3. Little One- Well no little ones yet
but these blurry beta fish will due for now :)

4. Favorite Shoes- They just broke, I was bummed.

5. Toilet- My hubbin's does a fabulous job keeping it shiny. Love ya Mike!

6. Sink- So glad we have a dishwasher!

7. Fridge- Yumm, pasta!

8. Self- What a hottie! LOL!

9. Closet- This is the side I keep my clothes on. The other side is storage for teaching stuff.

10. Messy Room- Not too bad today but whew one bad morning and that bed is covered in clothes.

I Tag Jennie! You go girl!