Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Boy, Big Week.

The past week was a very busy one for Mike and I.

First off, we had breastfeeding class on Monday night for about 2 hours. It was informative and I hope it works for us. Mike was a good sport and took it all in with me. The most memorable line was "make sure your baby has a mouthful of breast...." I about lost it!

Then on Thursday, we had a regular 2-week visit with our primary Dr. As usual, they had me pee in a cup, took my blood pressure, listened to his heartbeat and measured my belly. All the usual stuff. All is looking good.

Friday, we had an ultrasound at the hospital because big shocker here, he is measuring a little large. The Dr. wanted to see what he is weighing now (an estimate of course). After the technician took some measurements she told us he weighs about 6 lbs, 9 ounces. That puts him in the 90th percentile for his weight against other babies in the same week of pregnancy. I looked at Mike with wide eyes and said "holy crap!" The technician left the room to share the results with an on-call Dr. and I looked at Mike and said "we have 5 more weeks to go, by the time he is born he is going to be like 12 lbs!" Mike just smiled and said that he was sorry, but all would be fine. He is always so calm. However I think he is a little excited too.... he sees "football player" in little Charlie's future.

Finally, on Saturday we had our all-day birthing class. It really was ALL-DAY. From 9-4 we sat and learned all about the birthing process. I had learned all this before (early childhood endorsement), but I guess my selective memory had blocked some of the more "interesting" parts out. I won't share all of the icky details. Let's just say I hope that I deliver very quickly and easily. My mom had me in about 6 hours total, and my sister was about 8 hours. I hope to continue the trend and not be one of the "average" first-time Mom's that are usually in labor from 18-30 hours. Favorite memory from this class was a question that Mike asked. After the presenter went over what happens if you have a boy and make the choice to have a circumcision. Mike raised his hand and asked "So is it like a haircut, do you have them take however much you want off the top?" The presenter laughed, then looked at him and said "well, that is a first, I have never heard it worded like that!" She also said to ask our pediatrician. The whole place was in laughing uproar. I barley heard what she was saying because I was laughing so hard, not to mention my face was bright red with embarrassment. Mike also turned a nice shade of pink. Hilarious!

Whew.... I am glad it is Sunday... Time to RELAX!
Here are the pics from our latest ultrasound:

Profile (A little mushed because he is already in a "head-down" position.)

Little face, look close you can see his eye and a very chubby cheek.

He is growing hair on his head already. It's the little white stuff on the left of his round head.

Another confirmation that we are having a boy!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Bah

Remember me back in September? Itty Bitty Belly.

Then in October....Slightly bigger belly

This was my baby shower in December... as my nephew T.J. says it is a pretty big bah.

Well this is the end of January! Holy Moly it is a really BIG BAH!

According to the tracker on Mike's IPhone we have 5 weeks 6 days to go and little Charlie is this size of a large cantaloupe and weights about 5.5 lbs. We have an ultrasound scheduled for this Friday to see how he is measuring up. Boy oh Boy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mama Bee

I love this stuff, my sister in law gave it to me when she found out I was pregnant. I use it every morning and every evening just to relieve some of the tightness of "the belly". I was even hoping that somehow it would prevent the dreaded stretch marks. In my eighth month of pregnancy they have arrived. Ugh. Oh well, I guess I could have got them earlier. My dad told me that stretch marks are just my body getting ready for the next baby. Ha! Very funny.

The proof.

Only 6 more weeks until it is Baby-Time!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Shower

Measuring the belly

Opening Gifts

Cake, Yum!

While I was home over holiday break my family threw me a baby shower. It was so nice to be able to see everyone. I just wish we had a little bit more time to visit. We were very spoiled, we had olive garden soup and bread sticks to eat, very yummy cake and fun games. Little Charlie is one lucky little boy. He now has cute bathrobes, blankets, a baby food cooker, rattles, diapers, wipes, outfits, and a whole library of books. Amongst other things! Thank you so very much to all who came to my shower. And a big thank you to My mom, mother-in law, sister, sister-in law, and grandma for putting this all together during such a busy time of year.
Love y-all Lots!