Thursday, February 25, 2010


My parents sent us two of my favorite Mexican items:
Corn Tortillas
Herdez Salsa
That means that it is time to make enchiladas. Yum!
First you have to fry the corn tortillas to make them soft.
This can be very time consuming and hard on the old pregnant feet.
So I had mike grab me a stool so I could be just a little more comfortable while cooking.
He grabbed the camera and took a few pictures.
So funny looking. But it worked out well.

Of course the enchiladas were delicious.
Not as good as my parents but still pretty good.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just Us in the 9th Month

Just some more recent pics of Mike and I
and the belly.

Future Ute Fan

Mike's Co-worker surprised him with this cute little piggy bank. She painted Charlie on one side of the helmet and then the Ute logo on the other side. Mike LOVES it!So Adorable. Thanks Meghan.

Nursery/Guest Room

Here is Charlie's room. It is also our guest bedroom. We have it stuffed full of stuff for our boy. The bedding is called team safari. It incorporates Mikes love of sports with some cute little jungle animals. So fun.

The Changing Table

Close up of the crib