Friday, May 9, 2008

He's a BIG boy!

Well today we got the best surprise in the mail. Pictures of our nephew, and soon to be godson. I just had to share. He is getting so big! We can not wait to see him in a few weeks for his baptism! Love Ya T.J.!
5 months old and already on to solid foods. As Mike would say, he is "zie uber baby!"

Friday, May 2, 2008

My Favorite Boston Terrier

Meet Teakey!
Teakey lives with my parents in UT. She is my favorite puppy!
I know that she is not exactly a puppy, but to me she always will be.

I have never felt such a connection to a dog like I have to Teakey.
I miss her *almost* as much as I miss my family.

Baby Roos

Also while in UT. I got to meet She Roos' newest addition.
What a sweet boy. Congrats again He & She Roos!
I will be back in July for some more snuggles!

What! I missed April!

Wow! Where did April go? I didn't even have enough time in one month to make a new post. Hopefully I will make up for it this month by getting in at least 2. The good news is that we had a great vacation to Utah in April that I can share now. We spent 9 wonderful days back home.
This is a picture of my parents house. I just loved this sunset.

While home we decided to go skiing and snowboarding. Mike learned when he was in college but never went snowboarding up in S.L.C. So we took him up to Brighton. He loved every second of it. My parents also joined us. I started the day snowboarding. Then after spending most of the day on my bum decided to try my mom's new shape skis. They were totally awesome! I did not sit down once. My sister is probably laughing at me right now because if you have ever seen me on a snowboard I sit down about every 5 feet. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time!
We also had some quality time with our families. Luckily our parents hit it off right away after we introduced them all those years ago. They do things together even when we are not around. We are just one big happy family.