Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Mike and I had a very Merry Christmas at home in Utah.
We were not able to stay very long but we had a wonderful time.

This is us with the "belly" on Christmas Morning.

My parents and sister

The Tree
(It was a real tree, smelled so good!)

My Mom even made Charlie a stocking.
His was stuffed plum full. So was mine ;)

We got a lot of things for our little man.
This one in the picture is a onesie that says
Diaper loading 78%
We all spent Christmas Eve at Mike's parent's house but we forgot our camera :(
As usual they made a delicious Italian feast. So nice to have everyone home for the holidays. Mike's sister and her family even made the long trek.

It is strange to think that the next time we go back home we will have our son with us. It should make traveling just a little more interesting. We can't wait to come back! Thank you to our families for all their love and support.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

10 Days and Counting

Mike and I are super excited to be heading to Utah for the holidays. It is going to be JAM packed into 5 days. We can't wait to see our families and friends. We had our latest Dr. appointment last Tuesday and all is well. Charlie's heartbeat was about 140 beats per min and my appointments are now going to be every 2 weeks and in late January we will go in every week. I guess that means I had better wrap my head around actually having this baby! It is a bit overwhelming to think about. Guess we had better sign up for those childbirth classes eh! Hope you all have a Happy Holiday!

This is us in front of the "Lobsta" traps that they decorated in the shape of a Christmas tree.
Cape Cod, Mass.