Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guess What!?!?!

Well I think that it was a good thing that I posted my "teaching rant". It really made me realize that teaching is where I belong. Most of you seemed to agree with that. Thank you for your insights.

It is a funny thing, about 1 hour after I made that post I got a call to go an interview for a kindergarten position. So today at 11 a.m. I headed out to the interview, I felt like it went well. When I got home I got into my comfy clothes and settled in to watch some more Olympics. I went up stairs and noticed that the light was blinking on the phone. I had a message from the school I worked at last year saying please give them a call, so I did. I spoke to the principal and he said that they just had an unexpected opening. It was for 2nd grade. However they have a teacher on maternity leave and she may return in Oct. or Dec. to take my place. So anyway the principal said that if I wanted the job it was mine. I immediately said "I know that this is where I want to be" and would love to accept the job, even if it is for a short time (hopefully she will stay home!). So I have a job for now and I could not be happier! Karma??? Maybe!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Teaching Rant

Well most of you know that I am a teacher, a very rewarding job that I truly love. But since we moved to this place called Connecticut my love of teaching has been tested time and time again. I have been a substitute teacher, long term substitute teacher, and a teacher's assistant. All attempts to show the "masters of the school" aka principals that I am an outstanding teacher and they should hire me! Well I am not sure that is ever going to happen here. First of all it seems to me that principals here really are not involved with what is being taught in the classroom. Seriously I was a "long term sub" for 4 months and she only came into my classroom twice. How in the heck are you going to know what I am truly capable of if you only pop your head in twice.

So now it is August 12th and I know that school is going to be starting in just a few weeks and I still have no position. Now I know that I am not the only one, for every position that is posted about 300 people apply. That means that 299 other "lost teaching souls" are in my very large sometimes sinking boat. So this poses me with a question, to work or not to work!

I got so very frustrated with the whole teaching thing that I decided that it would just be better to go work at the mall. My beloved "hubbins" told me "You are a teacher, you went to school to be a teacher! You don't want to work at the mall." Now everyone that knows me knows that I am a very "busy body" I always feel like there is something that I should be doing. For me to sit on my Buttocks will drive me crazy. So should I wait for school to start and continue substitute teaching or head on out to the retail work force. I would love to hear some opinions.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

US and A

It seems like my T.V. has been stuck on NBC for days now. I have really enjoyed watching the Summer Olympics in Beijing. I loved their opening ceremonies and like how they sometimes jump from one sport to another. Too much on one can be a bit overwhelming. So far I think that swimming, gymnastics, and basketball (Go Boozer & Williams) have been my favs. It is funny, I don't even remember watching the Atlanta games. I think I like the Winter Games just a little bit more than the Summer Games. Of course I am biased because of the Salt Lake Games in 2002 I was able to attend many of the events. It was AWESOME!

Friday, August 8, 2008

WhirlWind Utah Tour

July went by way too quickly! Here are some pictures from our summer vacation!

My parents had a BBQ and it was Yummy! They invited Mike's family and our neighbors.

We arranged a fishing/camping trip to Panguitch lake in Southern Utah. We invited our families which included Mike's family from Colorado, New York and Massachusetts. Also our friends Chris and Mindie made the drive up from Las Vegas! It was quite a crew, we had so much fun!

We took Mike's sister Nat and cousin Brad and his girlfriend Brynn to Park City we had a blast at the Alpine slides. We also made time for mini golf and go carts! We were tired when we got back.

We can't wait for our next trip back home, hopefully it will be Turkey day! Gobble Gobble!