Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welcome Winter

Well I guess it is fitting that tomorrow is winter solstice because here in CT we got a good storm. School was cancelled and it wasn't even snowing yet. I think it is so funny! In Utah we never got a snow day.... and here they cancel school because they think it is going to snow. So silly! Anyway here are the pics of the snow we got. Hope all of your holidays are merry!

Before After

Some fun in the snow!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Mike and I put up our Christmas tree a few days ago and it looks so nice. I just like sitting there looking at all the ornaments we have collected. Meanwhile while I'm adoring the tree my beloved husband is absorbed by his newest "toy" plasma T.V. Need I say more? We have been looking to buy a flat screen for the past two years and about a month ago we finally gave in. It is very nice and we are happy with our purchase. I don't really get to watch a lot of T.V. in the living room anymore because there is always some sporting event that he needs to see in "HD" :) It's okay with me it is nice to see Mike so happy.

Another part of this story is that we are waiting to have the T.V. mounted on the wall. We had the mirror removed from above our fireplace they patched it up and Mike sanded and painted the wall. After all that he put up the wall mount. The last step was to take the base stand off. He removed all but one of the screws from the base stand. The last screw is stuck in the T.V. We could not get it out. So I called the support services and they said they would call back in 2 days and then have someone come out and look at it in another few days. It really stinks.

So now that beautiful T.V. is sitting in front of the fireplace anxiously awaiting its true home up on the wall.

I hope that before Christmas I will be able to post some pics of that darn T.V. up on the wall!